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Home / News / QJCAPS | TOP10 Men's visor hats list

QJCAPS | TOP10 Men's visor hats list


10. Columbia Bora Bora Booney

The Columbia Bora Bora Booney Sun Hat (retails for $29) is available in a dozen colors and should easily match your personal style. It has an adjustable draw with toggle, and hopefully this will give you a secure enough fit as it is even-sized.

Feel light


Made of tear resistant nylon

9. Columbia PFG Bonehead

The Columbia PFG Bonehead straw hat (retails for $42) is a stylish choice from a recognized brand. It is made from a mixture of polyester and paper, and its tight weave blocks UVA and UVB rays. The neutral tones it comes in are also easy to match with most outfits.

Stretch sweatband

Foldable and packaged

It could blow away in the wind

8. Quiksilver Outsider Straw

The Quiksilver Outsider Straw Hat (retails for $27) is wrapped in several designs with attractive woven hats and colorful fabrics, from floral patterns to tribal patterns to plaid patterns, allowing the wearer to show off his personality while keeping the skin on his face protected.

Leather cap

Provides plenty of shade from the sun

Easy ventilation gap

7. Henschel Hats Aussie Breezer 5310

The Henschel Hats Aussie Breezer 5310, with a mesh top and opaque hat basin, (retails for $20) keeps your head cool and your eyes bright. In addition, a useful chin strap and adjustable buckle prevent the hat from blowing away in windy weather.

Eternal aesthetics

Travel fold

Sports are a little too big

6. Ultrafino Authentic Aficionado

The Ultrafino Authentic Aficionado (retails for $135) has a classic cap top version made of Toquila straw, which is eco-friendly and a signature material for a true South American hat. It is hand-woven in Ecuador and hand-done in the United States.

Stain resistant twill sweatband

Braided rope detail

Rigid wired edge

5. Coolibar Crushable

Pack it, stuff it, or roll it up, the Coolibar Crushable hat (retails for $45) will always pop back into shape thanks to its flexible construction and wrinkle-resistant material. It has hidden elasticity that helps it stay safe.

Made of durable cotton and canvas

Blocking 98% of the sun's rays

Effective moisture removal

4. Sunday Afternoons Sport

Thanks to its neck cape, the Sunday Afternoons sports cap (about $24), offers a little more UV protection than your regular visor. It has mesh panels around the crown to keep your head cool, and an adjustable clasp on the back to help you get a comfortable feel for wearing.

Does not interfere with vision

Low light to reduce glare

Handy chin strap

3. Outdoor Research Sombriolet

The OR Sombriolet hat (retails for $29) comes with moisture absorbers, UPF 50+ fabric, and has strategically located vents that should keep you feeling fresh on hot days. It has a cap brim with tubes to prevent it from turning over in strong gusts.

Embroidery OR


Two camouflage models are available

2. Sun Protection Zone Booney

If you're looking for a good budget, high-quality option, the Sun Protection Zone Booney hat (retails for $24) is a good choice. It is made of durable polyester that provides adequate shade shelter, which is why it has been approved as a product by two melanoma foundations.

It only weighs two and a half ounces

Big enough to cover your shoulders

Can be folded or rolled packaging

1. Tilley T5MO Organic Airflo

The Tilley T5MO Organic Airflo hat ($79 retail) is made of 98 percent cotton and naturally breathable, with a thin strip of mesh mesh at the top of the crown for added ventilation. It has a high UPF rating and two chin straps to help you keep it safe on gusty days.

Stretch the fabric a little

Valuables hidden pockets

Waterproof surface

The above listed men's sun hat, interested and like the hat friends can try. You can also contact QJCAPS.COM if you want custom hats or wholesale hats. As a professional hat making company, we can also meet all your requirements for hats.