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Home / News / What are the styles of baseball caps?

What are the styles of baseball caps?


 Is it the baseball cap worn by the players in the baseball game, or the baseball cap worn by the fashionable people in the street? Most people think of a baseball cap with a curved brim and a long visor, right? In fact, there are baseball caps and other styles, we can also customize your own style!

Below, QJCAPS will share with you the styles of QJCAPS making baseball caps.


This hat is deeper and larger than the general hat, suitable for big head, big face, long face, square face can be designed for big head, long hair thick hair can be worn.


Heavy embroidery, the return of fashion, the resonance of the trend and the spirit, the integration of fashion elements, three-dimensional embroidery process, the selection of good fabrics, and the exquisite design make you the focus where you go.


Elegant, mature, sensual and romantic flowers show gentle and elegant feelings, fashion flower printing elements, rich colors, pleasing to the eye, skin friendly, breathable without smell, good color fastness.


Healthy printing and dyeing, tight cutting, adjustable button design behind, simple and stylish, fashion exquisite hat type, very fashionable atmosphere.


Simple design, comfortable zero shackles, give you a new experience, printing three-dimensional sense, thick ink layer, strong light resistance, large printing area, delicate fabric, moisture absorption, light and breathable, easy to wash and dry, in the comfort is guaranteed at the same time play a breathable and sweat absorption role.


High-density 3D three-dimensional embroidery, not easy to thread, do not fade, both men and women are very handsome, three-dimensional decorative strip more highlights the characteristics.